Mountain View Park is located in a scenic section of eastern Pennsylvania. Camping is free with a weekend ticket. Sorry, no camping with one day tickets. A limited number of electric passes are available at $30 for the entire festival, Tue., June 9th thru Mon., June 15th. Please purchase electric pass in advance. In some years, they sell out before the festival. The camping electric has been greatly upgraded over the years, but still won't support air conditioning or electric cooking. In some areas, coffee pots may be a problem. It is for minimal use only, such as a shower pump, keeping your battery charged, breathing machines, minimal lighting, etc. Every vehicle using electric must have a purchased electric pass, even if one camper is plugged into another. Generators allowed only if they are reasonably quiet. If necessary, the festival staff will decide if they are acceptably quiet.


Wind Gap Bluegrass

Parking is free and completely on site.

Cell service, all carriers, works throughout the park.

Free, upgraded WiFi available throughout the park. Appears as 'Windgap Base", 'Windgap 1', 'Windgap 2' and 'Windgap 3'.

Please bring lawn chairs/blankets for seating. You may leave chairs, at your own risk, all weekend. When you're not using them, anyone else may use them. If you find this unacceptable, please take them with you when leaving the concert area. When you return to your chairs, if they are occupied, tell the folks using them that the chairs are yours and they will move to other unoccupied chairs. Please try to do this between songs. Limited tent seating available, same chair rules apply.

Heated showers, with electric are on site, and are free.

Campfires are permitted unless there is a severe drought and the state, county or local fire department bans open burning.

Motorcycles are allowed, but must be left near the gate or walked, not running, to your campsite.

No bicycle riding on site during the entire festival.

We reserve the right to limit or stop the use of off-road vehicles.

Hot food, pizza, snacks, ice cream & ice are available on site, as well as a large variety of vendors. Food is also available at many places off site, or bring your own.

Weekend: Now thru April 30-$70; During May-$75; at gate-$80. One day tickets: Wednesday-$10; Thursday-$15; Friday-$30; Saturday-$35; Sunday-$30. Youth: thru 11 yrs-FREE; 12 yrs thru 16 yrs-$15 in advance, $20 at gate. The youth ticket is same price for one day or the entire festival. 17 yrs-adult prices apply. Please - No visitors, everyone on site 12 yrs or older needs the appropriate ticket. Sorry, no camping with one day ticket.

See our Tickets Page for more for more information.

I'll send you the early flyer now and put you on the festival mailing list so you will get the complete flyer when it's ready (Feb/Mar). Please put your name and mailing address in the message block. Use the Contact Page. You can print a flyer now, just click on the flyer on the home page.

The park will be open on Saturday, June 6th and again on Sunday June 7th from 12:00 noon until 5:00pm each day to allow campers to be dropped off. No camping until the park re-opens on Tuesday, June 9th at 5:00pm. The AFBA charges $5 per day per person for Tuesday & Wednesday. This fee should be paid at the gate, on arrival, not in advance, and is collected by the AFBA and not the festival. This early arrival fee will also apply to the August festival.

The Festival's Professional Workshops will be on-going during the festival. Time and location will be posted near the gate and announced on stage for your participation with the “pros” while they demonstrate and discuss what they do best. A schedule will be posted on the handout you will receive at the gate. Workshops are under the direction of Sandi Marola.

The jam tent has become a featured event at the festival and continues this year. If you want to jam at the Danny Stewart's jam tent, just bring your instrument and go there. Everyone is welcome.

Take a trip back in time to the C.F. Martin Guitar Company, Friday, June 12th, The short shuttle bus ride starts at 8:45am. See the true meaning of old world craftsmanship in the works. You will also get to visit the newly remodeled museum. You must make sure you sign up at the gate in order to ensure a seat. Space is limited to 14 people per trip. A sign up sheet will be available at the gate when it opens on Tuesday at 5:00pm. You can sign up for any of the trips from 8:45am thru 1:30pm. First-sign-up, first serve for this popular trip, and it remains free.

With special thanks to the C.F. Martin Guitar Company, the Bluegrass Academy returns for the ninth year. This year, it will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, also, an on stage performance on Sun afternoon. It remains free. For more info and registration details, go the Bluegrass Academy Page. The Academy is under the direction of Mark Panfil. Visit his website at

An open stage is scheduled for Wednesday evening. The start time will depend on the number of bands that sign up. If you are interested, please email me or call me (see contact page). It is likely that all available spots will be taken before Wednesday. Bands and times will be listed on the schedule page. The scheduled bands will finish at 9:00pm and will be followed by bluegrass movies. NOTE: This open stage is intended for festival attendees and the appropriate tickets will be required. The minimum ticket required would be $10 per person, and would be for Wednesday only.

Bluegrass related movies will be shown on our large screen after the open stage Wednesday evening, and more movies after the scheduled bands on Thursday.

The Appalachian Fiddle and Bluegrass Association property owner of Mountain View Park, will charge $10 per dog. Dogs will not be permitted at any time in the entire concert or concession area. Dogs must be kept at your camp site, on a chain or leash. Since no camping is permitted without a weekend ticket, no dogs will be allowed with a single day ticket. Dogs can be walked in certain areas. Please ask the gate attendant about this. The $10 per dog charge should be paid to the AFBA, at the gate, on arrival, not in advance. The AFBA operates a bluegrass festival, as well as other outdoor events on this property each year.

For vendor space at the Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival, please call Harry Grant at (973) 584-2324.