Band of Kelleys w/Jake Moore

Main Stage
Friday 2:15pm
Friday 8:00pm

They are winners of the 2015 Jeff and Sheri Easter Talent Competition, four time winners of the Georgia-South Carolina State Talent Compeition,  2nd place Georgia State Fiddle Champion,  and placed 3rd in the Atkins & Loudermilk Band Competition.
The story behind the group: 

The band leader and oldest brother, Timothy,  began teaching each of his siblings fiddle when they were four.  He made the lessons fun and entertaining and you could often hear bolts of laughter coming from the practice room.  He never dreamed they would later become a group, bound for the cutting edge of the music industry.  They are fuled by a divine passion that is rooted deep in not only their lives, but in the spirit and delivery of their music. This unfurls into the kind of performance that leaves deep impressions on the hearts and minds of people, and keeps them coming back for more. 

Bethany Kelley 

Eighteen old Bethany is the fiddle player, banjo player and vocalist of the group. Bethany displays a fasinating array of virtuosic instrumental talents and qualities, as well as being an excellent composer and arranger of original music. Armed with a highly contagious sense of humor, she attacks her musical gifts with an unbelevable work ethic, inspring to not only her siblings and parents, but to all those she comes in contact with. Bethany is an absolute monster on the fiddle, and her banjo is a close riding second. She also plays a little mandolin and guitar as well. Since an extremely early age, Bethany has shown a rooted desire for the love of music and how it can effect people. She maintains a clear vision of purpose and spirit in everythings she does. She establishes and conducts a high level of professionalism and critique, not only to herself, but to the band as a whole.  Bethany beleives deeply in a higher calling, that she was given gifts for a profound purpose that will grant earthly and eternal  significance. In her own words she states "Music expresses what the heart says or longs for, and what the mind cannot put in to words." "To be able to express what I am feeling, and to watch that take effect on an audience is truly a remarkable thing that is the testimony to the power of a gift." "I beleive that music is a powerful emotion and can be used as a tool to change the world around us." 

  • Second place, Georgia State Fiddle Championship
  • Second place, Ellenboro, North Carolina Fiddle Convention
  • First place Georgia-South Carolina State Talent Competition--Youth Division
  • Second place, Columbia County Talent Competition--Youth Division
  • First place,  Georgia-South Carolina State Talent Competition-Adult Division


Victoria Kelley

Fifteen year old Victoria is the mandolin player and lead vocalist of the group. Her soaring top- notch vocals and clean, virtuosic mandolin playing are some of the band's best assests. Victoria attacks her musical crafts with a passion and igniting fever that laces her performances with an undeniable pulsating quality,  stealing hearts and bringing folks back for a second time. Victoria is an active participant in the creation of original music and arrangements for the band. She loves (to sum up in her own words) "fashion, music and laughing."  She states that her main drive is to spread joy interlaced into the audience through the music she performs.  In her own words,  "I definitely believe in the power of music and how it can change the world around us for the better. I love music because I can express exactly what's on my heart thru a song in the most satisfying way. I can use that gift to touch peoples lives on earth,  and hopefully forever."

"Their primary vocalist, mandolinist Victoria is a terrific singer with a very distinctive sound. Victoria is only 14 years old and already a very convincing singer. Keep an eye on this bunch. They are doing something unique and worthwhile, and Victoria Kelley has a star quality about her."  -John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

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Daniel Kelley

Twelve year old Daniel is a rock solid bass player for the group, and shows top notch musicianship and unusual maturity beyond his years. When not playing and performing on the road with his family,  he enjoys the technical side of everything and is always fixing things that are  broken and helping his older brothers and sisters figure stuff out. He enjoys exploring various creative avenues, and holds a variety of interest including camping, fishing, knife throwing,  archery,  outdoors, and virtually anything his older brother is doing. Like the rest of his brothers and sisters,  Daniel aspires to be the best at what he does, and seeks to deliver the highest quality music and performance.