Squirrel Stew

Main Stage
Saturday 12:30pm
Wind Gap Jam Tent
Saturday 3:00pm
Backwoods Stage
Saturday 6:00pm

Old Time Music is Better than it Sounds . . . . . . (but sometimes it sounds pretty good . . . )


Old-time music was the old-time name for real mountain-type folk music and is the main foundation for bluegrass. It is the kind of music that Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers and most rural people prior to the mid nineteen twenties were raised with. It nearly died out in the mid-20th century but has found new life and is being played, mostly informally, by people all over the country.

Before we had radio and phonographs, you had to make your own music or be real near to some one who was. And the fun wasn’t in just listening to the music, but participating in playing and dancing. Music wasn’t a profession, it was what you did when you got home from work sitting on your porch.  (For more general information about old time music, right click here and open in a new tab.)

Squirrel Stew – Given that, the whole idea of an old-timey performance “band” may be counter to everything that old-timey stands for – mixed jams of acoustic instruments including players of all levels and backgrounds. Old-time music is fun to play, but to be honest, some jams are hard to listen to . . .

However, as our jam at a local bar got later and some players started to leave, the tempo picked up, the tunes got more complex, we could actually HEAR each other, and then, people started buying us drinks!!! So, we realized, hey, maybe some of this stuff sounds pretty good . . . .

We hope you think so too.